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These “articulation agreements” generally allow you to transfer to UW-Superior the credits you have obtained through an associated curriculum, in order to meet general educational requirements. In some cases, we have articulation agreements on specific programs such as accounting, social work and criminal justice. d. single language (two years of school or two university semesters with sequential studies in a world language). A student whose mother tongue is not English is exempt from this admission requirement, provided that the student`s formal training has been in the mother tongue until the fifth year. Many UW-Madison programs require a sequential global language until the third or fourth stage to complete their degree. Transfer contract students are strongly encouraged to review the global language requirements for their main subject. Visit Transfer-Wisconsin for more information on campus admissions and general information about each UW institution. We strongly advise you to meet with your advisor at your current university or university regarding your interest or participation in one of our transfer contracts. Transfer contract: The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers transfer contracts for students who begin in an associate program at a number of two-year colleges, including Madison College.

First-year students in one of these programs, who meet the UW-Madison admission requirements and who meet certain academic requirements at the two-year university (see below) obtain admission to UW-Madison as guaranteed transfer students. Entry to UW-Madison does not guarantee admission to a major or a specific academic program. Transfer Contract Students have access to individual majors and programs in the same way as all other UW-Madison students. Admission to certain programs is through reporting and admission to other programs through a competitive process. For some programs, students may be advised to request an early transfer. Students admitted under this agreement with minimum qualifications may find that there are a number of programs and majors for which they are not competitive in terms of admission. For more information on the transfer contract, see admissions.wisc.edu/apply/transfer/agreements.php. UW-Madison and Milwaukee Area Technical College reserve the right to amend the terms of the transfer agreement if necessary.

All students are subject to the terms of the delegation contract listed at the time of the presentation of the Memorandum of Understanding. Email a transfer advisor in admissions@uwosh.edu to discuss one of these programs! Please note: UW-Madison has an application deadline for transfer contract students. For more information, visit the UW-Madison Transfer Agreements page. These transfer agreements are consultative in nature. Students should always consult their current advisor, as well as a transfer admissions counsellor for the most accurate information. This page contains links to the various agreements. For more information on these agreements, please contact your university advisors or contact our admissions service.

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