Union County College Transfer Agreements

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With a 160-year tradition of excellence in higher education, Kean is a university that is conducive to transfers specializing in world-class university programs at an affordable cost. Common admission agreements allow students who meet certain admission criteria to be admitted simultaneously to a community school and a nJIT. As a result, these schools require students to complete the first two years of study to obtain a bachelor`s degree at the community school and ensure that their credits are transferred with junior status. Union County College students who enrol in the dual/joint admissions program at Union County College and Rutgers University should be allowed to be admitted as juniors if they have obtained an associate degree and meet the necessary criteria. Rutgers College Colleges are: Camden College of Arts and Sciences College of Engineering Cook College Douglass College Livingston College Newark College of Arts and Sciences Rutgers College College-Camden University College NewBrunswick School of Business-Camden School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies-New Brunswick Union County College (UCC) Students with an associate degree in science or applied science are now able to move on to a wide range of bachelor`s degree programs, from engineering and architecture to computer science and management – at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Kean University works with a large number of community colleges across the country to facilitate the transfer process and ensure student success. Joint agreements allow students to start their course at the community university level, while being provisionally admitted to Kean with full junior status. Although articulation agreements are not necessary for transmission, articulation agreements have the following benefits for two-year-old students graduating from two-year schools: the number of credits transferred and awarded by Kean must not exceed 50% of the baccalaureate requirements and depends on the equivalence of the courses according to the links below. Select a study option to display the equivalency cards accepted by Kean for each Major of Union County College: As stipulated in a articulation agreement between Kean and BCC on March 26, 2015, the university will allow BCC students who have successfully graduated from the following diplomas to transfer credits after admission to Kean.

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