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17. Vietnam is France`s 17th largest trading partner outside the EU. The Trade Policy Oversight Committee, to which the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs meets regularly, intends to play a key role. It is a unique forum for dialogue, where it is possible to discuss the main current challenges and to consult with stakeholders before and during the negotiations. Therefore, their views, proposals and interests can be considered as soon as possible. Speaking at the Sorbonne University on 26 September 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in favour of an open Europe that protects and can promote the economic interests of companies and ensure respect for our interests and respect for international trade rules. Historically, trade policy has been an exclusive competence of the European Union and now covers foreign direct investment. Free trade negotiations are conducted by the European Commission on the basis of a negotiating mandate drawn up by the Council (Member States). Throughout the negotiations, France strives to take into account the commitment to our companies by seeking agreements based on mutual benefits and benefits and ensuring that our offensive and defensive interests are taken into account in all areas, while striving to preserve our regulatory specificities (exceptions for social diversity).

environmental and cultural activities) and to mobilize a differentiated approach based on the level of economic development of the third partner. France has also worked with the Council to strengthen its trade defence through the modernization of instruments and the revision of anti-dumping methods. As a result of these efforts, a regulation on the revision of foreign direct investment came into force on 10 April 2019, with the aim of strengthening European participation in acquisition strategies in the approaches of state actors. The impact of these agreements has shown that they are important levers for growth and employment. Since a trade agreement with South Korea was reached, EU exports to South Korea have increased by 60% and a trade surplus of 3.1 billion euros has been recorded in 2016.

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