Teradyne Software License Agreement

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The TERADYNE SSL portal requires a licensing administrator to download and install the TestStation system or the desired development licenses. The Licensing Administrator should be someone who can apply using Teradyne TestStation products and functions. This licensing agreement applies to the licensee`s (here “LN” or “licensed”) software for ENVI-met GmbH, Essen (here “ENVI-met”).) The license agreement does not regulate additional services such as adaptation, implementation, hosting, maintenance, etc. This licensing agreement also does not apply to the support programs provided by the software; these conditions are governed by the licence conditions in the schedule. The general terms and conditions of the licensee are excluded. 9.2 ENVI-met is in no way liable for any infringement of third-party rights resulting from the fact that (i) the software is combined with products or software that do not comply with ENVI or provided with the ENVI-met agreement and of which ENVI-met has not been expressly notified in writing; (ii) The Software is completed or modified by ENVI-in accordance with the instructions of LN or others. , (iii) the acts in question constitute a violation of this licensing agreement or iv) LN using an outdated version of the software. However, liability under this point 9.2 is not excluded if the licensee can prove that the violation is not due to one of the above measures. 12.3 This license agreement and the subscription cover all agreements between the parties regarding the purpose of the contract. The amendments to this licensing agreement must take the form of a document signed by both parties; This also applies to the modification or waiver of this written formatting obligation. Appendix: Licensing Conditions for Support Programs: Teradyne Self Service Licensing (SSL) is a licensing management system that allows customers to directly control their software licensing activities. Teradyne SSL provides your website with self-management features for faster and more efficient access to your website`s licenses and improves productivity and resource use.

1.3 If the licensee has obtained a license containing a maximum number of users, the licensee may only keep the software installed on computers until that defined number of users. Where the license issued to the licensee contains a limitation to a given information processing unit, installation and use are only permitted on that unit.

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