Suffolk Community College Transfer Agreements

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Dr. Paul Beaudin, Associate Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs at Suffolk County Community College, said, “With articulation agreements, there is a maximum transfer of funds and minimal credit loss. This guarantees a timely graduation. To apply for joint admission, please see the list below of participating higher education institutions. They should also consult the Suffolk and university catalogues four years before admission. During your first semester in Suffolk, it is recommended to discuss with an advisor your common admission plans. A joint agreement with Farmingdale State College is available for automotive and nursing students, and there are other agreements with St. Joseph`s College, LIU, Vaughn College and NYU – to name a few! If you are interested in moving to a college four years after graduating from Suffolk County Community College, you may be interested in Joint Admissions. After you graduate as an associate, you can move to one of the participating higher education institutions, as long as you meet the requirements of the common accreditation contract. This guaranteed admission to the university of four years is honored for a period of two years after the Suffolk diploma, provided you are not in another institution. Note that you don`t have to go to four-year university if your plans change for one reason or another.

Aid for the evaluation of educational options and the identification of transfer institutions includes: articulation agreements are negotiated documents that clearly define what is needed for the transfer from one university to another and guarantee the granting of credits for all appropriate programmes and curricula. The partnership is an agreement between an institution of two to four years and describes the specific courses and notes that can be transferred to the university or university for the programs covered by the agreements. This specific overview of transferable course work, as well as details of other provisions in the agreements, removes guesses from the process and allows students to easily move from a community school to a four-year university or university. To help you get ahead of your graduation, we`ll consider the college courses you completed in high school for transfer credits. If you have taken university courses on a university campus or high school under sponsorship, check out our standard transfer criteria to the New York Tech Catalog and see if your classes are covered by our guidelines.

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