Answering your question: “Please tell me more about the Microcurrent Acuscope & Myopulse for Animals.”

Who will do this for my dog, cat, or horse?

Sheri Betancourt, a Certified Animal Therapist. Sheri has years of experience working with animals, large and small, and she has had success restoring several to a healthy, vigorous condition who were considered serious and/or hopeless cases. Veterinarians and Animal Chiropractors love the results they can provide by referring their Clients/Patients to Sheri.
First introduced into the Veterinary world in 1978, the Acuscope is still to-day the most advanced and sophisticated non-invasive microAmperage (μA) biotechnology available.
Its electrodes are sensors that deliver biofeedback from the tissue into the computerized circuitry which is programmed to analyze this information; and according to the “needs” of individual areas where painful conditions exist, a corrective influence is delivered directly into the nerves and the muscles.
Tiny, gentle currents of electricity cause no sensation during treatment. The whole experience is relaxing, and totally comfortable. Most animals fall asleep or become completely at ease while they are having Acuscope-Myopulse Therapy.

As various smooth metal probes are applied to the surface of the body in locations such as along the Spine and down the limbs, microamperage currents stimulate the three layers of tissue cells:
* Surface skin cells (epidermis – the top layer that can be seen and is often injured)
* Underlying skin cells (dermis – the layer where collagen and elastin are produced)
* Muscle cells (sub-cutaneous – tissue which forms the contours of the body). These are the
connective tissue cells that are frequently damaged by an accident (muscle-tendon-ligament-fascia); and the same tissue that eventually becomes weak and depleted over time, causing old-age
syndromes such as stiffness, pain, and inflammation in joints.
As the microcurrent stimulation activates the cells of the skin, it flushes out and removes the build-up of dead cells and debris, especially around scar tissue and adhesions. It reaches underneath to tone and firm underlying muscles by rejuvenating sluggish and dormant cellular activity. It reawakens cells of all types, bringing them back to youthful vitality. A change in gait and movement is obvious . . . of-ten after only one treatment! From a series of treatments, that enthusiastic energy of a younger ani-mal returns. This often results in the owner reporting that their beloved animal is more aware, more alert, more active and interested in life once again

Treatment Sessions consists of the following procedures:

1) General Nervous System Well-Being Treatment Improves overall conductivity and “charges” the cells throughout the body.
2) Treatment directly to the pain site with the Acuscope. Resolves in-flammation and restores cellular metabolism for speedier tissue repair.
3) Treatment directly to the pain site with the Myopulse. Improves condi-tion of connective tissue (muscle-tendon-ligament-fascia).
4) Relaxation Procedure Calms the nerves and quiets any lingering anxiety.
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When can I schedule treatment?

Begin anytime. Most animals require a series of sessions to achieve the full benefit and lasting results. Especially if you are already seeing the signs of stress and pain, the sooner you begin, the less deterioration will occur. Call to schedule your dog, cat or horse’s first Session.

Where can I have this done?

Sheri is located in Manchester, NJ where she provides Therapy for dogs at her home, and also visits individual clients in their homes (small animals) or barns (horses) throughout surrounding cities. .
We appreciate your referrals and offer you a $25,00 credit toward future treatments for each referral that signs up for the initial (3) start up sessions. .
Additional technical and physiological explanations are available. Please provide your email address and we will send informative articles and case reports that include links to YouTube Videos.