About Us

about us
We are horse enthusiasts who have owned, played, rescued and cared for all animals for over 30 years. In pursuit of happy, balanced friends we have successfully accomplished certification in Animal Therapy, Equine Massage, Homeopathy and other holistic care.

We currently have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 horse and a mini donkey.
Our hopes and beliefs are that through consistent natural care, the levels of enjoyment, play, and all around relationship can be enhanced.

It was by necessity that we searched for alternative care as we were faced with what was deemed a grave outcome for our 23 year old mare Lexi. She suffered from chronic laminitis, resulting in foundering several times along with other metabolic issues. She was given a less than 20% chance to come out of her last severe founder. I’m happy to say that “Against All Odds” she pulled through 110 %. We were able to keep her pasture sound and comfortable for years longer than any of the vets thought possible!

It was with the use of the Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy system, we were able to manage her pain, and shorten the recovery time from acute episodes of laminitis, as well as prevent issues in our other horses that may otherwise have turned into problems.

We believe that with these instruments along with homeopathy, nutrition, and other modalities it allows the animal to feel as good as they possibly can.